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Plan Rosebud 2

english | castellano

Plan Rosebud 2: Calling the ghosts

Plan Rosebud 2 focuses on the Spanish Transition, the period that took place after the end of Franco’s rule, placing it in its cultural context, as well as on the final years of the Labour Party's rule in Great Britain during the seventies and the rise of the conservative leader MargaretThatcher.
Through analysis of social movements and popular culture, the film attempts to dismantle the idea that a pact among the Spanish ruling elite, led by Adolfo Suárez and King Juan Carlos, “saved” Spain from a new civil war and paved the way for a “peaceful” transition to a democratic regime (as we can see and listen, for example in the most famous mithologic-media account, La Transición española, the series directed by the journalist Victoria Prego in the first years of the government of Felipe González).
Again, the epic discourse, built through the media and certain kind of cinematography, distorts, from our point of view, the real work and the maturity of a civil society that, for decades had been sustaining a resistance more or less covered against the repressive and instrumentalizing strategies of the dictatorship. We aim here at studying popular culture in relation with the different social forces protagonist of the political change (from the base union movements to the feminist movement, trough neighbours associations or the collectives of gay and lesbian people) and analyse why and how certain images of the militant cinema that show the collective effort of these fights have been removed or even indirectly censored to make it possible the triumphal narrative, individualist and linear that we all have learnt trough television, or the press with more diffusion.

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