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le rêve est fini / the deam is over

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le rêve est fini/ the dream is over/ el sueño ha terminado

This film  was commissioned by the museums MoCAB (Belgrade, Serbia) and
ARTIUM (Vitoria (Spain) to the project "Invisible Violence".
Speaking about invisible violence hear means finding voice for the productive
body, i.e. (quoting Friedrich Engels) between the very basis of
property: family and state. After the Arab revolts and the crisis of fishermen
in the Kerkennah Islands (Tunisia’s easternmost point, closest to Italy) in
2012, the South Mediterranean has increasingly become what is known
as the anonymous tomb for more than 17.000 immigrants who have
died there since the beginning of the 1990’s.

The EU migration policies and border control has intensified since
the creation of the Frontex agency in 2004, and later with EuroSur and the
military operation Mare Nostrum. Frontex is a good example of
the term “necropolitics” coined by political scientist from Cameroon Achille
Mbembe. According to “necropolitics,” after postmodernity, the politics
of the state took a step further in the governing of bodies and lives, by
managing the dead and especially the bodies of those along the borders.

The artist’s work is rooted in her life, her experiences in Tunisia, the estate
and the family of her former partner at that moment. There fore she aimes to reflect upon this through
images and words, through the tracks and footprints of those who remain in its
maritime tombstone, obscenae, those who have to stay invisible in order to uphold
the simulacra of democracy, neo-colonialism and the necropolitics of human rights.

Tunis, 2013-2014




*Guasch-Coranty Prize / Valls Biennial 2015.


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