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le rêve est fini / the deam is over in Festival dei Popoli, Florence

english | castellano

Ya disponible la programación de la 55 edición del festival dei Popoli (Florencia, 28 nov. al 6 dic. 2014). "Le rêve est fini" estará en la Competición Internacional, y se podrá ver los día 4 y 5 de diciembre:…/f…/festival_sections/2014

LE RÊVE EST FINI /The Dream is Over
Thursday, December 4th, Odeon, 4:45 pm
Friday, December 5th, Odeon, 11:30 am

Directed by: Maria Ruido
Spain/Serbia, 2014, 47'
Synopsis: In a dense interrelation between intimate diary, cinema essay and anthropologic film, this film connects past and present, European policies for the management of migration flows to the history of the last colonialism campaign in Northern Africa, setting its point of view with an urgency that is opposed to any emergency rhetoric. Written words, voices, images are saved from the waters of oblivion, and linked together building a story that is incredibly short and, at the same time, tragically deep.